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A short recipe for calculating and rescaling ligand charges.

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.. autofunction:: get_lig_charge


from os import PathLike
from typing import Optional, Union, Iterable

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd

from scm.plams import Molecule, Settings, init, finish
from nanoutils import as_nd_array
from nanoCAT.ff import run_match_job

__all__ = ['get_lig_charge']

[docs]def get_lig_charge(ligand: Molecule, desired_charge: float, ligand_idx: Union[None, int, Iterable[int], slice] = None, invert_idx: bool = False, settings: Optional[Settings] = None, path: Union[None, str, PathLike] = None, folder: Union[None, str, PathLike] = None) -> pd.Series: """Calculate and rescale the **ligand** charges using MATCH_. The atomic charges in **ligand_idx** wil be altered such that the molecular charge of **ligand** is equal to **desired_charge**. .. _MATCH: Examples -------- .. code:: python >>> import pandas as pd >>> from scm.plams import Molecule >>> from import get_lig_charge >>> ligand = Molecule(...) >>> desired_charge = 0.66 >>> ligand_idx = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 >>> charge_series: pd.Series = get_lig_charge( ... ligand, desired_charge, ligand_idx ... ) >>> charge_series.sum() == desired_charge True Parameters ---------- ligand : :class:`~scm.plams.core.mol.molecule.Molecule` The input ligand. desired_charge : :class:`float` The desired molecular charge of the ligand. ligand_idx : :class:`int` or :class:`` [:class:`int`], optional An integer or iterable of integers representing atomic indices. The charges of these atoms will be rescaled; all others will be frozen with respect to the MATCH output. Setting this value to ``None`` means that *all* atomic charges are considered variable. Indices should be 0-based. invert_idx : :class:`bool` If ``True`` invert **ligand_idx**, *i.e.* all atoms specified therein are now threated as constants and the rest as variables, rather than the other way around. settings : :class:`~scm.plams.core.settings.Settings`, optional The input settings for :class:`~nanoCAT.ff.match_job.MatchJob`. Will default to the ``"top_all36_cgenff_new"`` forcefield if not specified. path : :class:`str` or :class:`~os.PathLike`, optional The path to the PLAMS workdir as passed to :func:`~scm.plams.core.functions.init`. Will default to the current working directory if ``None``. folder : :class:`str` or :class:`~os.PathLike`, optional The name of the to-be created to the PLAMS working directory as passed to :func:`~scm.plams.core.functions.init`. Will default to ``"plams_workdir"`` if ``None``. Returns ------- :class:`pd.Series` [:class:`str`, :class:`float`] A Series with the atom types of **ligand** as keys and atomic charges as values. See Also -------- :class:`MatchJob` A :class:`~scm.plams.core.basejob.Job` subclass for interfacing with MATCH_: Multipurpose Atom-Typer for CHARMM. """ # noqa if settings is None: settings = Settings() settings.input.forcefield = 'top_all36_cgenff_new' # Run the MATCH Job init(path, folder) ligand = ligand.copy() run_match_job(ligand, settings, action='raise') finish() # Extract the charges and new atom types count = len(ligand) charge = np.fromiter(( for at in ligand), count=count, dtype=float) symbol = np.fromiter(( for at in ligand), count=count, dtype='<U4') # Identify the atom subset idx = _parse_ligand_idx(ligand_idx) if invert_idx: idx = _invert_idx(idx, count) try: idx_len = len(idx) # type: ignore except TypeError: # idx is a slice object idx_len = len(charge[idx]) # Correct the charges and return charge[idx] -= (charge.sum() - desired_charge) / idx_len return pd.Series(charge, index=symbol, name='charge')
def _parse_ligand_idx(idx: Union[None, slice, int, Iterable[int]]) -> Union[slice, np.ndarray]: """Parse the **ligand_idx** parameter in :func:`get_lig_charge`.""" if idx is None: return slice(None) elif isinstance(idx, slice): return idx return as_nd_array(idx, dtype=int) def _invert_idx(idx: np.ndarray, count: int) -> np.ndarray: """Parse the **invert_idx** parameter in :func:`get_lig_charge`.""" ret = np.ones(count, dtype=bool) ret[idx] = False return ret